Newcastle City have revealed the results of their 2018 internal talent draft, in preparation for the return of the Black Diamond Women’s competition.

The powerhouse organisation was once again required to field two teams due to the wealth of player talent, and registration numbers, for the upcoming season – this time with the added stipulation that they conduct an in-house draft to spread star players evenly.

The club conducted the draft by ranking all players based on playing positions, then distributed them to two teams, the Newcastle City Stars and Novas.

“We were aiming to get two even teams that would both be competitive for the season,” club president Nathan Wilmott said of the internal draft.

“After we had the two teams last year, our main aim was to have the two teams again this year, so the stipulation was we had to even the talent across both squads, so we did a bit of work over the off-season.

“There were ten of us [in the room] that could see that come to fruition, and we split all the girls into mids, forwards, backs, rucks and utilities, and drafted the girls between the two teams.”