Ebzery has issued a few harsh words for her Perth outfit as they continue their hunt for the WNBL postseason.

Perth Lynx have struggled to string together positive results in the Women’s National Basketball League this year, winning just one match in their last five to slip to sixth with just a 27 percent win rate in their opening eleven fixtures.

It’s a “disappointing” run that has to be halted, Newcastle star Katie-Rae Ebzery said, if her west coast outfit are to make it to playoffs, especially considering the Lynx now have just half a season to right the wrongs of their recent run.

“We need to get to the point where we have a game where everyone is feeling good physically,” Ebzery said after the team’s latest defeat, a fourth-quarter collapse against the Boomers. “I don’t think we’re that far off but we need to be at our best.”

Falling to their fourth straight loss in their road game against Melbourne on Sunday evening, Perth seemed to have lost their way in recent weeks.

Ebzery is hoping having Perth’s full squad back together can change their fortunes in the run over Christmas.

They opened their double-header last weekend with a 79-69 defeat to Adelaide, before adding to the hurt with the Boomers loss later on in the round, and Ebzery admits there’s a lot that needs addressing if the team is to recover anytime soon.

“There’s a lot of things that we need to address, we really need to go back and look at the tape now,” the 29-year-old Opal star said.

“We got annihilated on the boards [this weekend] and it seemed like every time they got the ball in the paint they either scored, or got fouled, which put them to the lines. Something has to change soon.”

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Ebzery has been giving it her all out on court, recording a league top-five assist per game count with 5.1, and playing the third-highest minutes in the entire competition with 34.9 per game, but she can’t change the game on her own.

It’s been a hard run for Perth, who have been missing many of their new signings for the year, and have been left shorthanded for many of their road games as they look to claw away from the bottom of the table.

Now that reinforcements are beginning to stream back in, Ebzery admits the Lynx may have a chance to right change their fortune over Christmas.

“It’s disappointing, where we’ve gotten, but having everyone together was a good start for taking some strides forward,” the Lynx captain said. “There were times during the games where I thought we looked really exciting.