The Hunter Women’s Chronicle has made the difficult decision to suspend publishing operations indefinitely. The decision to temporarily close doors comes as a result of the ongoing global situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many, if not all, are no doubt aware, the Australian government has continued to roll out necessary responses to the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. The HWC wholeheartedly agrees with the need for social distancing, and self-isolation.

Learn about COVID-19: World Health Organization’s official coverage

Sports around the Hunter and across the country, however, have been suspended pending official return due to these measures. In some cases, the leagues and events have been completely cancelled.

Why has the Chronicle been suspended?

The Chronicle has a limited amount of funding. That is not usually a problem — most, if not all of our front-facing and behind-the-scenes contributors are either employed in other jobs as well, or are volunteer. Passion drives most of our coverage.

With sporting leagues and events grinding to a halt across the region and around Australia, however, there are limited amounts of coverage opportunities. The Chronicle’s sponsorships have also now come to an end.

This is not the fault of the sponsors themselves. Cost-cutting measures are more than reasonable at this time, when the world seems to be stopping. We do not begrudge them that decision, though it does also have a ripple effect on us.

With that said, once the Chronicle’s operations return, we will again be on the lookout for sponsorships. If you are interested in supporting the coverage of women’s sport, whether it be in a financial capacity or otherwise, do not hesitate to reach out.

I personally can be contacted at

When will the Chronicle return?

When women’s sport, and the many dozens of sporting stars the Hunter has competing in events, leagues, tournaments, and competitions across the country and around the world are once again active, the Hunter Women’s Chronicle will return. It may not be in the same capacity, but we will do what we can to continue our award-winning coverage.

For now, stay inside. Practice social distancing. The sooner we can work together to get through the COVID-19 situation, the sooner we can return to training, and to our fields, courts, and clubhouses. We eagerly await the day.

Thank you.

— Isaac McIntyre, founding editor of the Women’s Chronicle