Williams iced the four-goal onslaught from the Hockeyroos that put the contest in London out of reach of the Great Britain outfit. Image via Hockeyroos.

By the time Newcastle hockey superstar Mariah Williams put away a sweetly-struck reverse shot in the 37th minute, the Hockeyroos’ battle against Great Britain was all but over. They had already scored three ahead of Williams’ conversion, with a second-quarter barrage dismantling their European rivals in London.

Great Britain didn’t lay down without a fight however. They responded in kind after Williams’ added to a haul already started by Madison Fitzpatrick (18′), Brooke Peris (18′), and Jane Claxton (23′), notching two of their own in the second half.

Jocelyn Bartram saved a GB opportunity on the 43rd minute, but a rebound shot from Hollie Pearne-Webb put the British squad on the score sheet, before Tessa Howard doubled the home side’s haul in the 53rd minute.

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The Hockeyroos held on, however, to the eventual 4-2 victory, and third place in the FIH Pro League after the Great Britain contest. Despite the win, Gaudoin said that he can “still sees areas for improvement.”

“It was pretty tight but no doubt pleasing to find a way to win and keep our lead,” he said. “We want to be smarter and better, to control the ball when we’re up by a goal or two.”

The Hockeyroos next face fourth-placed Germany in Krefeld on Sunday evening.