Newcastle’s Jessica Parr, alongside fellow regional teammates Mariah Williams and Kate Jenner, have been named as part of NSW Pride’s 33-player squad, ahead of the inaugural national Hockey One competition later this year.

“It’s really cool to have the men and women under the same umbrella again,” Williams said after the organisation’s team and colours were revealed.

“The colours are really cool too, you want to win gold so it’s cool that we’re wearing gold. Then, of course, the lion is on the New South Wales flag, so that makes sense. A bit different to blue, but it’s cool.”

The new domestic hockey competition will commence in September and run until mid-November, featuring seven new clubs with new logos and uniforms, based in seven major cities across Australia.

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Pride is the New South Wales franchise, and will be decked out in gold and red. Like Williams said, it’s a departure from the usual blue of the state. The squad also ran a voting system to decide their social media slogan. It was voted as #UnleashtheBeast earlier this week.

Pride called on votes for their social media tagline, and held a bracket tournament for the votes.

Games will be live streamed on Kayo Sports with grand finals broadcast on Fox Sports, which William said she’s looking forward to as the competition kicks off. As well as that, the league will prioritise double-headers at home venues.

“We’re trying to get more games at home so we can have our supporters from NSW get around the games. That’d be really good,” Williams said.

NSW Pride 2019 Womens Team List: Alice ARNOTT, Jocelyn BARTRAM, Morgan BLAMEY, Tamsin BUNT, Emily CHALKER, Naomi DUNCAN, Andrea GILLARD, Kate HANNA, Greta HAYES, Jaime HEMMINGWAY, Rene HUNTER, Grace JEFFREY, Kate JENNER, Sarah JOHNSTON, Hannah KABLE,  Georgina MORGAN, Kaitlin NOBBS, Jess PARR, Mikaela PATTERSON, Lexie PICKERING, Ranae ROBINSON, Casey SABLOWSKI, Courtney SCHONELL, Emma SCRIVEN, Molly SIMPSON, Maddison SMITH, Emma SPINKS, Grace STEWART, Helena TOBBE, Jessica WATTERSON, Mariah WILLIAMS, Abigail WILSON, Grace YOUNG.