BNC Whanau playmaker Claudia Rodwell has been crowned the 2020 Lois and Nola Green medalist after a spectacular Newcastle Netball season, which she admits was a “very welcome surprise” to end the year with.

The BNC star was voted the best player across ten rounds in the 2020 season by her Greater Bank Championship peers. It’s a “shock” honour she admitted to the Women’s Chronicle she “didn’t even know [she] had a chance to win.”

“It’s a real honour to hear that the coaches and the other players have represented my talent, I’m really, really proud of that,” Rodwell said.

“The season hasn’t gone exactly how our team wanted it to go, or how anyone imagined I’d say, but it was a nice way to end this year regardless.”

Rodwell admitted she hadn’t even had the Lois and Nola Green Medal on her radar, but after thinking back to all the praise and plaudits she got after every BNC match from her opponents and opposite numbers, it begins to “makes sense.”

“People kept coming up to me saying ‘you played really well,’ and I got lots of compliments, so it was nice. If I reflect back now, I’m like ‘oh yeah, there are some little clues there that this might be coming!’,” the BNC star joked to the Chronicle.

Claudia Rodwell accepts the Lois & Nola Green medal after BNC’s final game of the 2020 season.

The newly-crowned Newcastle Netball most valuable player also said she and the whole BNC club were “hugely thankful” that the season went ahead despite all the adversity.

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“It’s so nice to be able to play netball even if everything is a little bit all over the shop at the moment,” Rodwell said. “It means a lot to us that we can get out on the court every week and play some games, even if it’s just a shorter season.”

Rodwell’s squad BNC Whanau finished sixth in the Greater Bank Championship this season. The team chalked up 12 points across the shortened eight-round season.