BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Watters have come into the 2019 season firing, after being forced to withdraw from the postseason in 2018 due to player numbers. Image via Kerrie Brady.

It was a close match to open the season for Watters, as they notched a tight 39-33 win over newcomers Illusion in the first round of Charlestown’s A Grade.

The win on Saturday was a positive start for Watters, who are eyeing a return to the finals in 2019 after having to withdraw from last year’s finals due to play numbers.

Player-coach Tiffany Watters praised the efforts of her side in their six goal victory, pinpointing their shooting combination as the reason for the close win.

“We are really happy with that win, the United squad are a good team,” she said. “If their shooters were on they would have pipped us at the post because of fitness I think, but we were lucky. Our shooters rarely missed a goal.”

Watters also praised her returning defensive combination Tegan Callen and Ty Cook, who were “absolutely phenomenal” in keeping the team ahead at the other end of the court.

“It’s really just our mid court that has got some work to do,” she said with a laugh. “We didn’t gel as well as what I know we can.”

“We’ve got a pretty solid core of a team that is still there [from last year], and just a couple of new players this season. We just need to have the first few games, and figure out how we all gel.

“I think we will definitely be aiming for the grand final this year after missing it last year.”

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The win over the United club puts Watters in a good position for that goal, but the club coach believes the upgraded courts and abundance of new teams in the competition will set up a tough battle for the top spot in 2019.

“I’d like to be confident, but we don’t want to count our chickens before they hatch. We don’t actually know all of the teams this year.”

In the other opening round games, returning team Job Done moved top of the table on goal difference after a 55-27 win over 2018 runners-up Crossfire. Central Leagues also secured a major victory with a 53-28 win over Purnells, while Impact defeated Misfits 57-37 to finalise the top four standings one week in.

STANDINGS: Job Done, Central, Impact, Watters (3), Illusion, Misfits, Purnells, Crossfire (1).