As finals in the Greater Open Championship loom, BNC Whanau have delivered an all-but fatal blow to Maryville Tavern’s hopes for a miracle run, downing the sixth placed team 58-29.

Maryville has had a nasty run of luck in recent weeks, losing a number of starting players and being reduced to a bare-bones seven for many of their matches.

Despite their opponent’s difficulties, BNC didn’t take their foot off the pedal as they strode to a 29 goal win at National Park, with a strong lead at half time giving Whanau the platform to close out the match.

Co-captain Caitlin Lobston – who guided BNC’s offensive line from goal attack on Saturday afternoon – said the whole squad was relieved to be in a strong position as finals approach, considering a “scare” earlier in the season saw them dropped to fifth place.