Heat have moved into an uncontested position on top of the Charlestown’s senior grade standings after a 46-30 win in the top-table clash against the Watters.

It was the Watters’ first defeat of the season, and saw them slip to third place on the ladder after results elsewhere on the day, but their final period showing had glimpses of the dominant force the squad still remains.

They were still defeated in the last period, 10-9, but the close finish after a 16-point overall deficit will be a major positive for the team.

Also on the weekend, Purnells moved into second place above the defeated Watters with a 55-47 win over United Fever. The win puts the squad in good stead after the opening five rounds, coach Lauren Burrows said.

“After the win, our season’s going well, so far so good,” Burrows said. “I would like to think we can [make finals] but a lot of things can happen between now and then.”

Burrows also pointed to Purnells’ wing attack Ellie Singleton as a key player in the 8-point win, but said the whole team “did what needed to be done”.

“We all did our bit in the win, and we all did what needed to be done to get over the line,” she added.

Job Done also defeated Central Crossfire with a 10-point win, 39-29, while Sass defeated fellow United squad Fury in a 51-32 victory.