Nova goal attack Abbie Gray calls for a pass in the circle from centre Holli Adamson. Gray and her shooting partner Brooke Fennings combined for 63 goals in their four-quarter stint. Picture: Isaac McIntyre

Nova have moved into a clear top four position with a 63-32 victory over BNC on Saturday afternoon. After bolstering their roster with a cohort of Souths signings in the off-season, Nova have been hunting consistency in their 2019 campaign.

With the 31-goal win in the Championship, they now have a two-point buffer in the top four, and sit just two points behind defending champions West Leagues Balance 1 after five weeks on the league. For the players especially, bouncing back from their defeat against Forsythes was “key” if they wanted to keep their season aim’s on-track.

“We came out wanting to win after that loss against Forsythes last week, and to keep us in the top four, so we’re feeling really good,” Nova wing attack Cassidy Flemming said at the courts following Nova’s win.

“We think this is going to just push us forward for the rest of the season. It was really important because they’re a tough team, and it’s given us a positive attitude now towards knowing we are capable of beating them, and other teams.”

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Thunder doubled BNC’s goals in the opening quarter, as Brooke Fennings and Abbie Gray led Nova’s attacking centre assault for the full fixture. Flemming, who combined with Fennings and Gray in the first half, said the eventual lopsided scoreline came from Nova’s shooters just simply being “on fire” in all four quarters.

While BNC kept just nine goals behind at the half time break, Nova broke the game open in the third period. The winning side kept Whanau to just eight goals, while Fennings and Gray slotted twenty in reply, and the 12-goal advantage was just too much to overcome for a BNC side that now drops to fifth in the standings.

“We didn’t expect it really, we thought it was going to be really, really close,” Flemmings told The Women’s Chronicle. “They have a lot of good players, and I think they might have been missing some, but we were expecting a tight, close game.”

Kim Williams and Bronte Magin celebrate a goal in Forsythes’ 72-43 win on Saturday. They currently hold a 5-0 record in the Championship. Picture: Isaac McIntyre

Elsewhere in the Open Championship, Souths soared to a 73-23 win over West Leagues Balance 2, while West 1 held off a late-breaking Maryville outfit to win 52-39.

The defending champions were forced to call on second team reinforcements in their 13-goal win. Tayla Winter and Emrah Manning slotted into shooter and keeper respectively.

Finally, Forsythes Business Advisors stretched their winning streak to five straight after a 72-43 win over Junction Hotel. Forsythes shooters Sabina Gomboso and Bronte Magin combined for all 72 goals as the pair played four straight quarters in the win.

STANDINGS: Forsythes (19), Souths, West 1 (17), Nova (15), BNC (13), Maryville, Junction (11), West 2 (9).