Newcastle shooter Sabina Gomboso nearly didn’t re-join North Shore United for the 2019 season. As the side was being selected ahead of the Netball NSW Premier League preseason, Gomboso was overseas. She missed the selection process because of it.

After those trials came and went without the Novocastrian star in the country, Gomboso made the assumption that she’d been looked over by the state-level squad for their new campaign, and settled in to focus on Newcastle’s Open Championship.

As it turns out, the only thing stopping her from pulling on the red and yellow of North Shore was that she’d changed her email address in the offseason.

“Originally I wasn’t going to play, because I had missed the tryouts, so I thought “Oh I’ll just give it a miss,” Gomboso told the Chronicle ahead of the second round of the league. “Turns out they had put me in the team, but they just had an old email of mine on file so I hadn’t got the news. I was in the team but didn’t know it.”

The short notice of her acceptance back into the squad came just three weeks out from the Premier League preseason. That meant Gomboso had to make the decision about re-joining fairly quickly, and she came up with a simple answer: “Yes.”

“I just thought I’d give it another crack, I love it and I really enjoy the competition and the team at North Shore,” the Newcastle shooter said.

So far, so good since Gomboso has re-linked with her team. After scoring a 3-0 record in the preseason with wins over GWS Fury (53-48), Panthers (55-52), and Sutherland (51-46), North Shore turned around in the competition’s opening week and bowled over UTS Sparks in 47-37. It was a good result, but not one Sabina was pleased with.

“We played against UTS – which has a few Newy girls like Aneeka [Marcozzi] in it, and overall we played really good,” she said. “I played alright, but I felt like I shot really poorly, so I wasn’t particularly happy with how the game went on my end.

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“Our team’s defence is so strong though, they always keep their heads in the game and that got us home for the win. We had a really good preseason, and have a similar squad to last year, so that really helped us start well against UTS.”

Gomboso said she’s excited to see more of her fellow Championship players in the NSW Premier League for the 2019 season.

The North Shore target-woman also said she was really happy to see her former teammate Marcozzi playing in the UTS setup. In fact, the massive Newcastle cohort filling the Premier League’s opens and under 23s competitions is a “great showing” for the region as a whole, Gomboso said.

“There are so many girls playing for so many teams now, and it’s really good to see so much Newcastle talent at the Premier League every single Wednesday,” she said. “The more players join every year, the better chance Newcastle has to get its own team.”

After bouncing to a 1-0 record early with North Shore, Gomboso finds herself undefeated across her league netball competitions. While the Premier League has played just one round, Sabina’s regional team Frosythes Business Advisors are atop the Open Championship as undefeated leaders.

Gomboso is in action again tonight as North Shore face off against Manly Warringah on Court 1. They will be playing in the 7pm slot, alongside the rest of the opens grade.

Watch the North Shore and Manly Warringah game here: