After eight weeks in Charlestown’s top grade, Central Leagues are undefeated. Most recently, the high-flying ladies in blue and white returned after the State Titles break to face up against Watters, and knocked over the top four candidates.

It wasn’t an easy road to victory, however. It’s the third time Central have ousted a close rival by four goals, the closest any team has come to delivering the first-placed outfit a defeat in 2019.

The first was Impact, who sit just two points behind Central after their 48-41 win over Purnells on Sunday afternoon. The United team have kept pace with Central for much of the season, and only the Round 5 meeting between the two (45-41) separates them.

Then, just last round but a fortnight ago, Central were nearly knocked over by Purnells in a 39-35 battle that saw them edge the squad fighting for a spot in the playoffs. This week, four-goals again earned them three points against Watters.

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While Impact have kept pace in second, Job Done also lay in wait just six points behind the top spot. Their 55-45 victory over seventh-placed Misfits earned them the victory, and snapped a two-game losing streak that had been deadened by their bye round popping up in the middle of the run.

United Illusion, who are four points ahead of Misfits in the battle to avoid the bottom in Charlestown’s top grade, had the bye in Round 9.

STANDINGS: Central (27), Impact (25), Job Done (21), Watters (18), Purnells (17), Illusion (15), Misfits (11).