Hunter Netball has unveiled their two rosters for the upcoming 2020 Netball NSW Metro League competition in Sydney, with a host of new and returning faces filling out the region’s top-level representative netball squad.

Natarlia Bridges is set to return as the squad’s head coach, while Angela Samuels and Sallie Partridge round out the coaching team. The pair will also helm Hunter’s second team. Helen Wilson and Neisha Manning are expected to manage the squad.

Abbey Allomes, Annie Neenan, Megan Aspinall, Mackenzie Stuart, and Emma Rumbel have all been retained by Hunter from the 2019 squad, while Abbie Leyshon has been promoted from the second squad after a successful season.

Bridges and the team have also added four new faces, Charli Carrol, Sydney Slade, Lexy Holz, and Kate Love, to the squad for the new year.

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In the second squad, Leah Dove and Jemma Lucas lead the returning stars, while Chelsey Ellis, Gabrielle Brown-Thomas, Kyra Powell, Meg Haylen, Savannah Angelozzi, Summah Johnson, Shelley Hill, and Samantha Keogh all join this year.

Hunter’s season is set to begin on February 14 with the Metro League grading competition, which proceeds the league’s fixture release on March 23.

From then, the Metro League proper begins from April 6, with matches held across the week. The comp has three scheduled breaks, April 13-16, June 8-11, and July 6-9.

Netball NSW’s Metro League finals will begin on August 31, with the top four teams breaking into semi-finals playoffs. Preliminary finals will be held from Sep 7-10, and the grand final is penned for Sep 14-17.