Rhiannan Iffland was majestic once again from the rocks and the platforms in the mid-Atlantic. Image via Dean Treml (Red Bull Content Pool).

Lake Macquarie diving star Rhiannan Iffland has increased her strangehold on the 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, after a record breaking fourth victory in a row.

Iffland has taken wins at El Nido, Dublin, Polignano a Mare, and now Sao Miguel as she’s stormed to a lengthy lead atop the women’s standings this year. In her fourth win, the defending champions clocked 326.80 points, 22.10 ahead of second-placed Jessica Macauley. The British representative scored 304.70 in Portugal.

“I didn’t want to think about the record until the event was done,” Iffland revealed.

“Now it’s done I can celebrate it. I’ve won the first four now and I think now I can be a bit more relaxed, but I still have goals to achieve. It’s three more events and anything can happen, so it’s going to be full ball until the last dive in the last event.”

Bad weather lashed over the Portguese leg of the series, but Iffland was undettered as she charged to another win. Her campaign at Sao Miguel started perfected, as she chalked a 10 point dive from the 21 metre distance straight off the bat.

Women’s results in Sao Miguel

  1. Rhiannan Iffland – 326.80pts
  2. Jessica Macaulay – 304.70
  3. Lysanne Richard – 298.30
  4. Eleanor Townsend Smart – 287.95
  5. Adriana Jimenez – 279.65