Lake Macquarie's Rhiannan Iffland makes it six in Lebanon.

“This year I just think I’ve found my rhythm. I feel like I’m in a good place mentally. I know I have done the training in a long off season putting in the work. Now it’s paying off,” she said.

“I’m just trying to be in a good place up there, in a good head space and rely on my training. I don’t think I’ve scored this high ever, this is a new personal best for me. I guess it can be a goal to win all the events. I’m seeing this a little bit more achievable.”

The 27-year-old three-time world champion is now all but uncatchable in the race for her fourth title. She holds an 800-point haul so far in 2019, ahead of Nestsiarava on 460, and Jessica Macaulay on 420.

There are just two stops left for Iffland to achieve the perfect clean-sweep of the year – Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bilbao in Spain.