Cassidy Davis has completed the next stage of her coaching badge, an FFA/AFC B-Licence. Image via Newcastle Jets

Newcastle Jets stalwart and Warners Bay player-coach Cassidy Davis has completed her FFA/AFC B-Licence, something that was “an important step” according to the Novocastrian midfielder.

Davis, who has made more than 60 appearances for Newcastle in the W-League since she debuted in 2013, has also had stints in coaching roles for teams in the Women’s Premier League. She completed the coaching badge alongside other Jets stars Nigel Boogaard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Daniel Georgievski and goalkeeper Glen Moss.

The coaching degree, and the experience of commanding a club in a competitive atmosphere, was something Davis believes has already had a “positive” influence on her playing skills and ability on and off the pitch.

“I didn’t intend on stepping into coaching at such an early age, but it’s been a really positive experience,” she said after receiving her badges.

“It’s helped improve my understanding of the game from both a personnel and tactical perspective, and having people like [Craig] Deansy and Ernie [Merrick] to bounce ideas off is invaluable for me as a young coach.

“Getting my badges is an important step in my development as a footballer and as a coach, and I’m thankful that the PFA has been able to make that process as easy as possible for me.”

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The coaching ticket is the minimum requirement for coaching in the local NPL Northern NSW competition, but the second AFC-recognised coaching course completion opens doors across multiple Australian and Asian competitions for all five of the Jets.

The PFA is ever-present for players in both the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League, with a focus on education, wellbeing, and transition and change

They offer funding and opportunities for personal development such as coaching badges and tertiary education, as well as advice and guidance for players when needed throughout their careers.