Wallsend FC's women's teams wore their purple away strip for epilepsy awareness, in 2018, and will again be undertaking the special event this season. Image via Dave Quick.

Wallsend Football Club are set to don their purple away kits in the Women’s Premier League this Sunday, April 7, and collect gold coin donations in a bid to raise awareness and support for Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness.

The charity drive, which was founded by David Quick and the Red Devils last year to a great reception, was born from a desire to “show football can be about supporting those around the club, as well as those on the field”.

Last year saw Purple Day 2018 at the club raise more than $422, which was donated to Epilepsy Action Australia. This year, Quick wants to “go even bigger than before” at the Wallsend Park-hosted event this Sunday.

“We’ve already had so much support from the community for the event, so many people inside the club and out want to get on board and help with everything,” he said.

“Last year the event fell against Merewether and it does again this year, and everyone at that club has just been amazing with their support on the other side of things. It’s a really pleasure to see how much the community embraces these events.

“We’re hoping we can crack, at the very least, that $500 mark with money raised on Sunday. Anything above that will be amazing.”

Quick revealed a member of the Wallsend club was hand-making purple scrunchies and reached out on social media to find out how many were interested. She expected around two dozen, and more than 150 people replied.

“She’s very busy now,” Quick added with a laugh. “She thought she would just be able to knock it over quickly, but Facebook is a wonderful thing – so many people replied.”

“More people of the come onboard every day, the club is getting right into it, and I know we’ll have more merchandise for sale at the day so that is fantastic.”

The Purple Day event organiser also revealed her daughter Hayley – who is the main drive behind the event, and has epilepsy – will be attending the event after spending the past six months in hospital due to the condition.

Quick’s other daughter, Montana, will be taking to the field in purple in Wallsend’s under 17 WPL squad on Sunday.

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He also confirmed Life Without Barriers has come onboard as a community partner for the event, allowing for a bigger expansion of the drive. LWB is an organisation that aims to give special needs people in the community better access to social events and competitions like the Women’s Premier League grades, and football.

“They’re a fantastic organisation, they’re trying to use football to break down these barriers and make sure everyone can enjoy the sport on the same level,” Quick said.

Finally, Quick reached out to members of the community that were considering attending, or could spare the time this Sunday.

“It’s going to be a cracker of a day, and a really great game. We’re definitely nemesises on the field, but off the field Wallsend and Merewether have come together for a fantastic thing,” he said. “The more people we can get to Wallsend Park the better.”

All four Women’s Premier League grades have been confirmed as part of the day, with activities and stalls running from early morning at Wallsend Park.

Follow Wallsend FC on Facebook for all the updates ahead of, and on the event day: facebook.com/wallsendfc.