What started as a school sport to play with friends has become something much more for 13-year-old Montana Quick, as she prepares for the long journey to the United Kingdom with the Australian futsal squad.

The Callaghan College student revealed her career in soccer didn’t start in the five-a-side format however – she’s spent most of her life performing on the 100-metre pitch, and never imagined futsal would be her ticket to the green and gold.

“I never thought this would happen, I started off playing for fun at school and then it turned into a competitive thing,” Quick said. “The level just kept getting higher and higher until I got to where I am now.”

“I’ve been playing football for a long time now, and futsal only started in the last few years. I didn’t really know about it back then.

“Now it’s my dream to go as far as I can.”

It’s a tough road to England at the best of times, but due to the nature of futsal as a sport, and without an official association to fund competitions, competitors must pay their own way to the tournament – $15,000.

Quick, and her father David, are hoping the success of GoFundMe will put them on the plane, or at least ease the pressure of the travel, and have already raised $500 toward their goal.

“I’m looking forward to touring around the [United Kingdom], we’re going to see Premier League matches and stadiums and just travel around,” Quick said. “It should be awesome.”

The tour will encapsulate 16 days, with the under 14 squad competing in a number of games as well as giving their rising stars a chance to “soak in” the English footballing culture and experience a number of first division matches in London.

If you are interested in sponsoring Montana and her futsal journey, head to gofundme.com/montanaquick.