Merewether's new helmsman has called for Northern NSW Football and Newcastle City Council to look at bringing more top-flight women's football to No.2 Sportsground this year.

Merewether’s new coach has called for more Women’s Premier League matches to be held at No.2 Sportsground, after his side played out a 3–3 draw with defending champs New Lambton at the “brilliant” inner-city venue on Sunday afternoon.

Interim head coach Scott Ellis has taken the reigns after Cass Koppen, who led the Llamas to four grand finals in her five-season stint at the club and won three, departed at the end of 2019. He believes the WPL deserves to be played on fields like No.2.

“We need to drive home the idea that we need to be playing Women’s Premier League matches all year round. We had a great crowd for the season opener, there was lots of cheering and yelling. It was great to see,” Ellis told the Women’s Chronicle.

“Every half time break that I wasn’t already involved in with the squads I was revving the crowd up and everyone was getting really into it. We had a really big crowd actually, much bigger than we’ve ever seen at Myamblah during the season.”

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Merewether and New Lambton battled to a standstill at No.2 Sportsground in the Women’s Premier League season opener, one goal shy of their combined grand final haul in 2019. Image via Valentine Sports Photography.

Ellis added he had asked everyone at the ground, and involved with the club, to get onto social media and start barracking to have more top-flight matches played there—he wants to get the attention of Northern NSW Football and Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes.

“It was such a pleasure for the girls to be playing here at No.2, and they told me as such after the game was played. I’m asking everyone to speak to the Lord Mayor, or tag her on Facebook, etc, and get a bit of buzz going around it.”

According to Ellis, a time-share with the inner-city stadium would solve “both Merewether, and New Lambton’s facility problems” for the 2020 season. “We could both be working together on Sundays to host Premier League, for sure,” he added.

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“I think having games played at stadiums the quality of No.2 Sportsground, where we see the Jets playing during the W-League season as well, will just show women’s football in a positive light for everyone, and that’d be great to see.”

Merewether kick-started their 2020 campaign with that locked score against their grand final rivals the Eagles. New Lambton has also had a change of coach behind-the-scenes, with Wallsend’s boss Brad Jones joining the club for the 2020 campaign.

The former Red Devils coach echoed Ellis’ sentiment in regards to the WPL at No.2, and said he’d love to see Newcastle City Council get right behind women’s sport.

“It was a great pleasure to play in that facility, that was a key message from the weekend, and I can only hope that we can see that continue,” Jones said. “The WPL deserves to be played on fantastic grounds like this every week.”