Philippa Anderson scored a third place finish at the Gold Coast Pro on Sunday and collected 840 points, after the Merewether surfer fell just short of a grand final berth at Burleigh Point against the Sunshine Coast’s Dimity Stoyle.

Anderson recorded a 4.25, 6.25 (10.50) score in the one-on-one battle on Sunday afternoon, but Stoyle’s 8.75, 8.25 (17.00) made sure the Novocastrian headed home with a just a bronze finish tucked into her board-bag.


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This sunshine, I sure am going to miss yoooou ☀️☺️☀️☺️☀️thnx Goldy, a 3rd place finish! @carve_visionaries

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Anderson had earned her place in the final four earlier in the day, after recordin a hefty 17.25  against Sasha Baker’s 5.75 in the third quarter final. The Merewether star qualified first in all three of her opening round heats (15.50, 8.25, 16.40).

Lambton’s Madison Poole (49th overall) was eliminated in Heat 5 after her score of 5.80 couldn’t beat Siena Hanna’s haul. Elle Clayton-Brown (33rd overall) was also eliminated in the opening round. The Corlette surfer just missed out on qualification behind Carly Shanahan after clocking a 2.85, 3.75 (6.60) heat.